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SFB 2020 - Program 5 Ballet Accelerator

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Program 5 Ballet Accelerator:


Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Choreographer: Helgi Tomasson
Costume Design: Sandra Woodall
Lighting Design: David Finn

World Premiere: February 26, 2004—San Francisco Ballet, War Memorial Opera House; San Francisco, California

MRS. ROBINSON World Premier

Music Composed By: Terry Davies
Choreographer: Cathy Marston
Scenic and Costume Design: Patrick Kinmonth
Scenario: Cathy Marston and Edward Kemp
Lighting Design: Jim French
Dramaturg: Edward Kemp
Choreographic Collaborator: Jenny Tattersall


Composer: Ezio Bosso
Choreographer: David Dawson
Scenic Design: John Otto
Costume Design: Yumiko Takeshima
Lighting Design: James F. Ingalls
Assistant to the Choreographer: Rebecca Gladstone

World Premiere: April 21, 2018—San Francisco Ballet, War Memorial Opera House

New video of Cathy Marsten talking about the creation of Mrs. Robinson:


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My heart goes out to the dancers.  This leaves Jewels in mid-April and Romeo and Juliet. 

I got notice today that Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre is cancelled this month, as is everything at the L.A. Music Center through March. 

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