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ABT 2019 Manon

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17 hours ago, CTballetfan said:

In response to NinaFan, Irina was also at the Lane/Cornejo debut Tuesday evening. It looked like she was with Alban Lendorf, but I can’t be sure. Since she has been to 2 or more Manons this week, was she coaching?

Irina and Max are not official coaches for ABT but they have privately coached Sarah Lane, Skyler Brandt and Christine Schevchenko.  Irina and Max coached Sarah Lane in her one last minute ABT "Swan Lake" and also coached Aran Bell for his debut as Romeo.  They often attend performances to see the results of their coaching.  I spoke once to Irina at the intermission of "Onegin" a season or two ago where Skyler Brandt was Olga and Dvorovenko was there to see the results of their work together.

Re: Canbelto's comment on their dance enthusiasm - I also saw Irina, Max and their daughter Emma at Jazz at Lincoln Center where they were attending a performance by Lynda Carter ("Wonder Woman" before Gal Gadot) who is a knockout rhythm and blues singer and performs twice a year at Jazz at Lincoln Center's Appel Room with a kickass Nashville band.  They seemed to be big fans.  Irina is always made up and dressed to the nines.  On another note:  Irina with her glamour and dramatic flair would have been a fabulous Manon back in the day and probably could still dance it!

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