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Ideas about What Production?

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I wonder if anyone has any ideas about what production these costume designs were evidently intended for (and who the artist/designer might be)...?


Here is the artist's signature (which for the life of me I can't construe):


I recently purchased these three gouaches.  The seller indicates that they came from Argentina, and guesses a date around 1940; another design expert, not knowing of the 1940 guess, thought "1950s."  (I seem to recall vaguely that Massine had a South American tour or two in that era.)

Here's a sharper image of one:


Any thoughts would be warmly appreciated!

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Thanks!  I was quite charmed by them.

Here are close-ups of the other two figures, should they provide a clue about the production/artist:




The lady seems to be holding a length of rope.

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The face on the woman does seem 1950s ...  I think those are snakes in her hand...

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