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  1. Thank you for this detailed review, California! I have a former student in CO Ballet and am very interested in getting to know the company better and hearing about their performances.
  2. California, do you recommend? I confess, it does seem to be getting better the further I get into the stream. (Editing wise, I mean. The dancing is sublime.)
  3. Does anyone know if the Fille Mal Gardee currently streaming (Nunez and Acosta) is the same as the DVD Royal Ballet has for sale with the same leads? I ask because the DVD has been on my amazon wishlist, but now that I'm watching the stream, I find myself really annoyed at the editing! So many close ups, and badly timed ones!
  4. Another former Berthe here. The Giselle's generally try to loosen pins for you offstage before the mad scene--but sometimes one pin just sticks, or gets caught on a headpiece, etc., etc. Live theater! I agree with Emily12 and greatly prefer the Obratsova method.
  5. On the program page, under 'Discover More', you can click on the dates to see casting. She did one performance of I'm Old Fashioned for some sort of special event. And she's scheduled to dance Nine Sinatra Songs Feb 22 and 23.
  6. As I was taught, brisé brushes from 5th back, does a battu in front, and lands 5th back. (Or the reverse: brushes from the front, battu back, land front.) (Or lands 4th instead of 5th.) Assemblé can be done any direction, of course. Changé or sans changé. An assemblé battu, however, is closest to brisé but brushes from the back, battu back, and lands front. Or brushes from the front, battu front, lands back. ...I sometimes teach confused students that a brisé is sort of like entrechat-quatre: beat and land in the same 5th you started. But assemblé battu is like a royale: beat and land in the other 5th. I don't know if that will help you! Good luck!
  7. LadyCap

    Fabrice Calmels

    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere, but in case you missed it Fabrice has announced on Instagram that he's leaving Joffrey and heading to LA. It sounds to me from his wording that he's leaving ballet as well? Or am I reading it wrong?
  8. Lilac fairy variation for me! Those awkward pique turns into fondu tendu side up the diagonal. It just seems like almost every dancer has trouble with them and I'm always cringing in anticipation! 😁
  9. To be fair, Misty got a lot of flack, especially from her fans, for withdrawing completely from Whipped Cream. (Though the blowback might have been worse with such a nebulous excuse as "scheduling conflicts".) No dancer wants to get the reputation of being the one who's always sick or always injured. I understand why Misty's fighting for this--even while agreeing it's not fair that Sarah Lane doesn't get her own O/O. eta: Clarifying my subject.
  10. Possibly from the Ballets Russes du Colonel de Basil tour of S. America during WWII? There were a number of Greek-themed ballets he did of Fokine's if I'm remembering correctly. I know he(Fokine) had a Helen of Troy, which might work for these. Was there a Medusa?
  11. Just saw this post. Thank you! It looks like this recording has the Manu dance, the Indian dance, and the fast ending for Nikiya's Act 2 variation. I've been waiting and hoping for this version for years!
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