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Vaganova Prix

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3 hours ago, Helene said:

So much energy and radiance in that performance of "Suite en Blanc."

I especially love the soloist in the section that starts at ~ 1:55:55, where she follows in at the end of the second, downstage line of corps, and the music is primarily woodwinds.

Oh yes...Alexandra Khiteeva...

In 2017 she danced a variation in the Vaganova Academy Paquita that sent me straight here to this site asking "does anyone know who danced the solo in which etc. etc....." This past spring she was cast prominently in other works as well. I believe she graduates this coming spring.

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10 hours ago, Helene said:

I loved her Flora in the first part of the broadcast, too!

Here's the clip of just that if anyone doesn't want to search the entire feed. She's so lyrical with her arms. Another ballerina in the same class as her, Yulia Spirodonova, is also lovely and became another favorite of mine in the same Paquita that Drew mentioned. In Suite en Blanc she was one of the trio at the beginning with the long tutus.

Their teacher is Irina Sitnikova. Does anyone know anything about her? There's always talk about Kovaleva and the virtuosity of her students but I wonder if the lyricism of both Khiteeva and Spirodonova signifies a hallmark of Sitnikova.


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