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ABT 2019 Met Season

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Just formally joined this forum, after following you all this past met season. Thank you so much for posting and educating me, as I am a relatively new ballet fan. My highlights of this season were definitely Sarah and Herman's Manon, their SB, Christine's Swan lake, Sarah's last minute black swan and both of Skylar's Corsaire's. By chance I saw that Sarah donated her Manon debut shoes to the dancer's emergency fund and I snatched them right up and had Sarah and Herman both sign them. Their joint debut was just one of the shows I'll never, ever forget. How I'd love to see them in R & I. Perhaps next season...alomg with a Giselle, and full length SL please. It's been discussed to death here (Sarah deserving her own SL) so I won't go into that too much. But suffice to say that she was brilliant, even better than her debut, which I got to see in 2017. Check out Haglund's Heel for some footage of Sarah's Black Swan.

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