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Where to Find Music for Zhiganshina's Paquita Variation

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There was a discussion about Dudinskaya's variations and their portability from one ballet to another:


An academic in Norway is trying to find the music to the Dudinskaya variation that Zhighanshina performed in "Paquita" for her student, and the need for it is urgent, given the performance schedule.


Here is her query, slightly edited



One of my students has been studying a variation from Paquita she found interpreted by Ksenia Zhiganshina, Vaganova academy student at the time (June 2014). The variation is better known as the Dudinskaya’s variation.


Since she fell completely in love with the variation she will like to present it at the Nordic and Baltic International Ballet competition this coming spring. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a digital version of the music for her to dance.


Searching on the internet I found a very interesting and comprehensive entry form Amy, one of Ballet Alert’s senior members. I wonder if you or Amy could help me finding a digital version of the music or perhaps guide me regarding where to look. I have looked in many versions of the Little Humpbacked Horse with no luck.


Earlier this month I got a hint that the music was not Drigo but Pugni. Do you think it is possible that the author of this music could be C.Pugni? Looking forward to hear from you,


Tania Rodriguez

Associate Professor, ballet


If anyone has any information on where to find this music, please post it here, or, if you are not a member or would prefer to send us information privately for us to pass on, please use the Contact Us form (link is at the bottom of each page), or, if you are a Member or Senior Member, you can also PM me.


Thank you!

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Does this mean that Tania Rodriguez does not possess a paper copy of the music either? Because it is easy enough to scan sheet music and save as a JPEG or PNG that could be shared over email. Failing that, if she can find a YouTube/Vimeo video with this precise music being played, she could send the link to the people who would know: conductors/music departments with ballet companies who perform Paquita with this variation.

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I posted the query and don't have more information.  I suspect if she had sheet music, she would have pursued it with the music librarians and/or music department at the university in which she teaches.


From her query she found a lead from Amy in this thread,


but she's come to a dead end pursuing it, and asked if there was someone in our community who might be able to help.

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We just got a message to our Contact Us link that the music is on a Dmitri Roudenev ballet class CD.  There seem to be a number of them, but they may be in an accessible music library.


Ms. Rodriguez has a video  link and has written to the Vaganova school:

I found a video of a young Zhiganshina 


There is another video published four days earlier:

I thought there was a video of her from around 2011 with her dancing the same variation to a piano, but I can't find it.


Many thanks to new member @tabitha for letting us know!





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