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  1. me too! such wonderful music!
  2. you're very welcome , cant believe i was right! sorry this one i d on' t recognize is very pretty though
  3. glad you agreed too. is a loss for us all.hope will meet her someday in person then
  4. thank you i s aw that but such a shame all her wonderful comments have been deleted . i enjoyed reading them and agreed with so much.
  5. i also would like to see a real reconstruction of Petipa’s King’s Command (aka Les Eleves de Dupre), where is gnossie! and all her wonderful comments have disappeared ,, why?
  6. where can you get those bootleg dvs please![ if there were officical dvds out would be happy to buy them !]
  7. thank you for this.love it!.though the clip i can see says the naiad and the fisherman on the upper left of the clip is it that ballet? ,have seen one varaition on youtube of vaganova school performance ,[no set design]. it's wonderful music . is it by pugni? would love to see the la fille mal garde clip too.wish we could get to see these .
  8. thank you gnosssie, if it werent for you no one would know that it is NOT the real reconstruction .so disappointing ! i was lucky enough to have seen the original . magnificent !
  9. well i say a petipa gala should have petipa and petipa only ! and i say the reconstructions only, ugh that the awakening of flora replaced by balanchine what is wrong with them! i think i know by now -gergiev and fateyev !
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