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Philipp Stepin is now a first soloist

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According to the Mariinsky's website Philipp Stepin has been promoted to First Soloist!!!! Great dancer!!!

I am so delighted to read this. I thought when Ermakov and Zverev were promoted to First Soloist that Fiipp Stepin should have been promoted also so this is GREAT news. I think he should be a principal. He has the cleanest technique in the company, with always perfectly placed 5ths on landing, particularly beautiful arms and use of the head, and is a fine actor. He also partners extremely well. Of course, he is very good looking as well, with good physique - and that certainly helps! :) He danced one of the best Nutcracker princes I ever saw with Olesya Novikova, amazing James with his brilliant footwork, and great comedic Basilio, beautiful lyrical first movement of In the Night, quirky Rubies ... there are so many roles he excels in that it is impossible to mention them all, but suffice it to say he is a true classical dancer and product of the Vaganova school. LOVE him! GREAT NEWS!!!

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I've always admired Styopin's feet. This is an overdue promotion.

I also see that Ernest Latypov has been promoted from the corps to Choryphee. This may have happened earlier but I just noticed it today.

Yes, Latypov was promoted some months ago.

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