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January first is sort of a sad date for the Cuban community-(57th anniversary of the abandonment of government by General Batista and subsequent taken of power by the newly Castro dictatorship). Still, we all always hope for each year to be the last one. With that and all other types of hopes, I wish this wonderful balletomanne community all the prosperity and great wishes for the new year. May all your dreams come true!!.

HAPPY 2016!!!!

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I am following the news in Cuba with great interest, because things may go very well, may go the same as they currently exist, or may go very badly. What will happen with the soon-to-be Carlos Acosta Ballet company? Will he choreograph everything? Will Cuba allow dancers to guest star with western companies and keep their own pay? Or will the only change to Cuba be the invasion of millions of American college students seeking a cheap spring break? (God forbid!)

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