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RIP Yvonne Craig -Ballet Russe Dancer and Batgirl

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Most fans of the Batman television series will tell you that she was one of the best things (if not the best thing) about the much-maligned third season (1967-68), not least because the show utilized her dance abilities to prominent effect during action sequences.

I've never read her memoirs but she was always available to talk about the show in interviews. And she was a good interview. In the early 90s, the sci fi magazine Cinefantastique devoted nearly an entire issue to the show and Craig didn't hesitate to offer up her opinions, including who was her favorite guest star (Vincent Price) and who was her least favorite (Rudy Vallee).

I'm glad she lived long enough to see the entire run of the show remastered in all its colorful glory and released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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