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Who is the ballerina in this Pas de Deux from Leili & Mejnun? It's beautiful choreography. Such a crime that Grigorovich banned all of Kasian Goleizovsky's works soon after he became Artistic Director of the Bolshoi, but grateful for the revival.

Mejnun was one of Vladimir Vasileiv's greatest roles and there is YT video to prove it and wonderful rehearsal footage with him and Bessmertnova and commentary by the choreographer.

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Some very interesting stuff going on here -- many thanks for posting!

My pleasure, Sandik. I stumbled across this video while searching for the dazzling clip of Vasiliev's solo shown at the beginning of this performance by an unknown dancer in "Leili". The music is lovely too and I love the Oriental flavor of the entire piece.

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Rehearsal footage of Mikhail Lavrovsky, Vladimir Vasiliev and Natalia Bessmertnova in "Leilei & Mejnun" with commentary by the choreographer, Kasyan Goleizovksy. The lift at 3:57-4:15 nearly kills me! The ballet was made on Vasiliev and Bessmertnova in 1964 and are 2 of their greatest roles.

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Thank you so much for that rehearsal video, MakarovaFan: they broke the mold.

Natalia Somova and one of my favorite all-time male Pairs skaters, Maxim Marinin, have two children together.

It's my pleasure, Helene. Bessmertnova and Vasiliev are magical in this ballet. Wish there was a complete film of them dancing it. I know there was a dazzling YT video of Vasiliev doing the solo that leads into the PDD shown in the above video. Is it still viewable or has it been pulled? I love that Goleizovsky showcases Bessmertnova's plasticity and not her famous jump.

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