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I don't know if non-subscribers can access the archives for long, ie, if you start listening, whether it will prompt you to subscribe. But it's worth a shot:


Pick a candidate and scroll to the "His Performances" or "Her Performances" section and click the photo. The video should load, and if you scroll, you'll see the rep. (It may be in a different order than sung.)

Every contestant sings a song by Tchaikovsky, and it's a wonderful opportunity to hear that rep.

There's an amazing amount of young vocal talent coming especially out of Russia.

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Debargue is in the piano finals. The replays for his performances can be found from this round-by-round list:


His Round III -- Lizst and Tchaikovsky concertos -- video is already up.

Lucas Geniusas is playing Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 2 now.

Edited to add:

Looking at the competition website, Geniusas is the only competitor who has played, will play, or had planned to play the second piano concerto: all the rest had the first in their rep. While the orchestra had to practice another concerto, I suspect the concertmaster and first cello chair were happy, given their prominence in the piece.

Looking over the declared rosters, the outliers were Bartok's Third, Beethoven's Fourth, and the Saint-Saens Second. Lots of Lizst, Rachmaninov, and Prokofiev.

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