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RIP Maggie Black

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Very influential. I loved this story, from the NY Times obit:

Ms. Olsen recalled that George Balanchine, the artistic director of New York City Ballet, begrudgingly bestowed the epithet Black Magic on Ms. Black when some of his dancers defected to her classes.

“One particular N.Y.C.B. corps girl with a noodley back, a wayward center and haphazard turns studied with Black for a concentrated period,” Ms. Olsen wrote. “When she returned to Mr. B’s class, across the floor she sped in a moving allegro combination, executing triple pirouettes. ‘Black Magic,’ sniffed Mr. B. And from then on, that was his nickname for the sorceress on West 46th Street.”

I remember reading a Ballet Review interview with Stephanie Saland and Balanchine made the same comment to her. Kirkland wrote quite a bit about working with Maggie Black.

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