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Alban Lendorf in a commercial

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I assume it's a conversation with his wife or partner about their day, but the only thing (I think) I caught was her asking him how the interview went. Of course, given my language skills, she might have asked him what he had for lunch...

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He doesn't say much of importance, really, but you are right, Helen, about his speaking with his girlfriend (or wife - I don't know).

She says that she's sorry she cannot attend the performance tonight, and he answers that it's okay, it doesn't matter, and that he is just about to perform. Then she asks how the interview earlier today went. He says it went okay, and then she asks what kind of questions he got. Alban tells that he was asked how it felt to be "flying". "And what did you answer?" "That it hurts like hell". After some laughing he says, that now is the time to go on stage and they say goodbye and see you later.The commercial concludes with the slogan: Many things get much easier if you can share them with somebody.

They have made a similar Commercial with a Danish boxer.

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The telecompany has also made a poster version for the papers of the commercial. I have tried to find a way to upload it to the site, but I can't find out how. Can anyone help? - maybe there is already a guide on the site, but I haven't been able to find it.

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