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Preljocaj's Le Parc at POB

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I saw Preljocaj's Le Parc this Saturday at the Paris Opera Ballet (and many thanks to this forum, without which I never would have secured tickets!). I really enjoyed it - I found it thought provoking on many levels and very responsive to the Mozart score in a new and unusual way. Laëtitia Pujol was the lead ballerina, and she was very convincing in the role - she had a wonderful plastic sculpted quality to her dancing and was very emotional in the withdrawn way that the role requires. Stéphane Bullion was a last-minute sub for the lead man, and while he handled the part fine, it was nothing particularly exciting. The orchestra was very impressive - and Mozart can be very difficult to play since it's so exposed.

I was also delighted to see the Opera Garnier - elaborate doesn't even begin to describe the theater! Everything was over-the-top stone sculptures and decorations. In all, it was a real treat.

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I also went to see Le Parc on the 28th December 2013, with Aurelie Dupont and Nicholas Le Riche dancing, as usual they were both superb , and gave a brilliant performance. I really do like this ballet. For me I find the contrasts in the music and choreography very appealing. The music or Mozart fits the setting and storyline very well. But at the same time I like the synthetic sound and movements given to the Gardeners who nurture both the garden and young woman. The costumes are excellent from the girls dressed as young men (in travesty) the crinolines, and under garments with their boned bodices and soft skirts, and the period breeches, coats and shirts of the men. The former post goes into more detail about the work, so I will concentrate of the two stars interpretation. As usual Aurelie was radiant as the character of Constance, poised and controlled in the early stages and gradually allowing the final abandon as required in the last pas de deux in the famous kiss when she is swung out in circles around the stage. Her wonderful technique showing very clearly as she danced through the different movements of the modernistic choreography. What a fabulous artist to be able to move from the different styles the POB asks of their Etoiles and other ranks. Nicholas Le Riche who has been a regular partner for her over the years, again supported and matched her in technique and acting, making a very successful effort, his gentle wooing and responses producing a well honed performance from them both.

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Thanks, Swanilda8 and Nanarina, for your reports. I remember seeing Le Parc at the Met in the 90s, We were living out of town at that time. I had to be picky about what to get tickets for, since it would mean a very late drive home after the show. POB turned out to be a fortuitous choice. The strange (to me) movement quality and phrasing -- sometimes beautifully in sync with the music, at other times beautifully out of sync-- made me wish that I could see it several times. I do remember vividly the long kiss as the woman is swung out in circles and the man walks backward and around the stage. I'd love to see this again and I suspect that the Dupont/Le Riche cast is the one I'd go for now, if I could.

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I'd love to see this again and I suspect that the Dupont/Le Riche cast is the one I'd go for now, if I could.

Well I’ve seen all the casts and this was far from being my favorite. I found them both too much predictable and there was little suspense in the love story. Moreover, the last pas de deux was a bit messed up all. It’s supposed to be the acme of the ballet and I just found they were too slow and too affected to be touched. I’ve seen them with different partners few years ago and I thought it was more enjoyable by then.

My favorite cast was Pujol/Bullion and her cambré in the “kiss scene” was a pure wonder, I’ve actually never seen such a wave of emotion with so little. Otherwise, she dances with delicacy and he was very moving in the second pas de deux. The last one was, as said very emotional with an amazinf flying kiss.

I found him less emotional with his other two partners (well in fact he had to replace two other dancers so he mostly did half of the shows). However, the shows with Alice Renavand were very enticing from a dance point of view, up to me less from an acting one.

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