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Flying over to see Marianela


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Hi everyone-

I am based in Philadelphia, and thinking of flying over to see Marianela Nunez in Giselle on Feb 1 and 5. It's a big deal for me to get time away from three little kids, work, etc. plus the cost of tickets, so I'm wondering if there is anything (public, of course, I don't want to break forum rules) I might need to know before booking tickets and flights which might interfere with seeing her perform. Reply to this or PM both OK and appreciated.

Having never been to the ROH before, please advise if it is important to buy tickets before they go on general sale on October 22 - is it worth me paying the "friend" fee to get better tickets?

I usually prefer to be in the orchestra area slightly off center, please also share any thoughts about where best to get seats. Best to all, Paris.

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kbarber wrote this here:

"At Covent Garden, raking is definitely better row L back in the orchestra ("stalls", they call them). Stalls Circle is usually good.

"Anything on the side will have an obstructed view necessarily because it's the side of the horseshoe so you can't see anything upstage on the side that you're sitting."


I've wondered about the 'friends' benefits also. If you have trouble getting seats on the internet I would advise telephoning. This has always worked well for me.

If you are in London for a few days you can buy an Oyster Card in an Underground station and save loads of money getting around and London is a great place for sites.

Have a wonderful visit, Paris !

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May I ask why you prefer to sit off center? I'm partial to aisle seats myself for all sorts of reasons. I recently had an aisle seat on the house-right side of the ROH orchestra stalls, and I'd have to note that my view of the downstage left corner was obscured slightly by those sitting in front of me.

But I fell in love with row G smack-dab center. I know that many say the rake in the front part of the orchestra is insufficiently steep, but I had no problems whatsoever. For reference, I am 5'9" tall without an exceptionally long torso. A man of equal height would probably sit higher in his seat and have even fewer problems seeing. The only thing I'd add is that this row is in line with the side entrances to the auditorium, so the green lights above the doors will be in range of your peripheral vision. Nevertheless, I decided that, assuming I can afford the ticket price, it's the row for me.

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At the Metropolitan Opera, if you are seated centrally, in the front rows of the orchestra, the conductor's head obscures center stage - so I prefer to sit at least a few seats off center. Please keep the advice coming.

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I've wondered about the 'friends' benefits also.

Me, too. I am working on a possible trip in spring 2014. With the cost of a trip like that, the little bit extra to be a regular Friend seems worthwhile, but I don't really know. It appears there are rehearsals and tours restricted to Friends, correct? I do vaguely remember repeated crashes of the ROH ticketing site reported on Twitter.

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You probably know that friends booking is already open for this performance, public booking opens on 22nd October. There are plenty of seats left for both dates and 20% of the seats are kept back for public booking so more will be released so you will have no problem with tickets. The rake in the stalls is better further back but even so the only stalls seats I would buy are the aisle seat on the two side blocks - row J backwards and any seat in row H because there is an exit in front of you so no one to block your view. I am 5ft 4" & for me the priority is less a central view and more a view not obstructed by the person in front of me. The front row of the stalls circle has an excellent view as does row C although the overhang of the grand tier means the orchestra is slightly muffled - I wouldn't go too far around the side though as the view becomes restricted and three hours of looking slightly side on becomes uncomfortable. The grand tier is also excellent although you are a bit further from the stage. If you don't want to spend as much the front rows of the Amphi are brilliant and there is no problem with heads.

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