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Has anyone else seen the documentary Last Train Home by Lixin Fan?

I just watched it on PBS last night (the POV program) and was really impressed. Very intense, and multi-layered.

POV: In your own words, what is Last Train Home about?
Lixin Fan: Last Train Home is a family story about Chinese migrant workers. It's a story about hundreds of millions, who work day and night in the production lines that make consumer goods for the rest of the world, coming home for New Year celebrations. It's also about the world's largest human migration.

A preview:

The film is available as an Amazon Instant Video rental, but I'm not seeing any free access yet. I would recommend seeing it on a large screen though.

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No, I haven't seen it. Will try to catch it. Right now it's pledge season, so you know what that means.....

It means Peter Noone, 60s Girl Groups, and 70s Disco Bands, again and again!

The PBS POV website used to have the video online, but I guess it's no longer available. Too bad, as it is one of the best documentaries I've seen in recent years.

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