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I just received an email from PNB -- it's either to the subscriber or account holders list -- that gave us wonderful news about current and former PNB dancers who've had children:

If you haven’t heard, we’ve been having baby news recently. Mara and Oleg welcomed Hikari Ulyana Gorbouleva into the world on December 11, Jodie and Brian Thomas Pease welcome Siena Lane Thomas Pease on January 11, Sarah and Seth Orza welcomed Lola May Orza on May 15, and Chal and Ash welcomes Anika Eames Modha on May 20. Happy birthday, kids, and a happy 41st to you, PNB!

That certainly explains why Chalnessa Eames has not appeared in the last two Whim W'him programs :)

Congratulations to each family flowers.gif

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PNB posted a photo of the happy couple after their marriage to Facebook in June:


In one of her last weeks as a Gilbreath, Laura Gilbreath said in a Q&A in June that she will be "Laura Tisserand" both personally and professionally.

Congratulations to the Tisserands, and may they have a long and happy marriage in good health flowers.gif

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This is also in the "links" section: an interview with AD Peter Boal, on the start of his 9th season with PNB, he has signed a contract extension. The interview starts about half way through the podcast:


He says the teenage audience is booming (from the TeenTix program?), reviews some of the modern works that he's introduced to the company: Jerome Robbins, Christopher Wheeldon, Twyla Tharp, Martin Goecke, etc.

Regarding Twyla Tharp's new work for PNB, she is working with the scenic shop on a new set, costume shop for new clothes, and marketing for her stamp on the advertising pieces. She also worked with the professional division students on Sweet Fields.

Asked what his biggest challenge at PNB has been: he mentions that his first year was a honeymoon period, followed by a crash to earth, when there was some anger at PNB, and some dancers misunderstood Mr Boal and his motives, and reasons for his casting choices. There was a backlash that hard to move through. Discussions followed, and there was some closure, some dancers stayed, others left. He said this "quiet earthquake" stayed within the company, and was not publicly known.

He mentions that many PNB dancers trained at SAB or SFBS, and maybe they were not the top 2 dancers who received contracts, but the 3rd choice. The difference he says in PNB is their devotion to the company's overall objective, not individual stardom.

The Giselle rep will include new sets and costumes, and he confirms that he asked the designer for an ultra-classical style.

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As noted in other threads, three current PNB dancers are on parental leave, with due dates from June-September: Maria Chapman, Kylee Kitchens, and Rachel Foster. Peter Boal said they're called "The Preggerinas" :)

Kitchens and Foster appeared with the company and retired dancers during the curtain calls for Kaori Nakamura's retirement performance in Encores. (Chapman was due any second.)

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Kiyon Gaines has choreographed a new work for Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, and it will be presented later this month in Harrisburg during the June Series at the Whitaker Center.

The Harrisburg Youth Symphony Orchestra will play. Gaines' music piece is,

inspired by composer Max Richter's "recomposed" version of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'.

"As a dancemaker, I'm always listening to music," Gaines said by phone from Seattle. This version of 'The Four Seasons' appealed to him instantly. "It's an homage to Vivaldi, but with high energy and jazzy syncopation, infused with joy. It fits my voice."


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The only things I can find on the site are:

What is the difference between the three rounds of competition?
Approximately 100 competitors from all over the world will compete in two-weeks of intense elimination rounds. In Round I, all competitors perform a classical piece from the pre-selected Junior or Senior repertoire. Semi-finalists perform a contemporary work in Round II. In Round III, finalists perform both classical and contemporary dance.

Here is the list of pre-selected pieces (scroll for Senior):


He performed last in his session on 15 June:


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