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If we're lucky, someone in Jackson will post the info from the programs, because I can't find anything specific on the site.

The Round II compulsory contemporary piece had to be chosen from specific pieces made available by Matthew Neenan and Trey McIntyre on video, and then the competitors had the chance to work with the choreographers on site. The contemporary piece for the Finals (Round III) had to be choreographed after 2010 and be a maximum of four minutes:


I don't know if he commissioned a piece -- he'd have a lot of options just from his colleagues -- got permission to use something PNB presented, or got permission to do another existing contemporary work. "Emergence" is too old, and I doubt the solo in silence in the recent Morris would count. The only extended solo I remember in the Cerrudo is for a woman.

There's nothing I can find that specifies the version of the variations for the classical rep Columns A&B. The only ballets he'd have seen at PNB are the Stowell male variation for "Nutcracker" and the Hynd and reconstructed versions of the "Sleeping Beauty" male variation, both in Column A. I don't know if there's anything else he would have danced as a PD, but it would be sweet were he to dance to a reconstructed version working with Doug Fullington. I know Doug's worked on "Raymonda," (also Column A), "La Bayadere," and "Le Corsaire," but Ali wasn't added until 1955; so much for Medora and the Slave.

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I'm not seeing an A and B list -- I'm looking here but I have a feeling that's not the right place. It's the standard versions of Giselle and Don Quixote, the Grigorovitch Swan Lake, Esmerelda, Flower Festival and the old version of Fille. But people learn stuff all over, so I imagine he's got stuff in his personal repertoire that we don't see here.

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Carrie Imler posted this as a public post to her Facebook page:

Can't believe I start my 20th season with PNB on monday!!!!!!

I don't remember what she danced for her school graduation ballet in 1995, but to this day I remember feeling gobsmacked watching her.

The great thing about dance is that the "blessed" stuff works both ways. Congratulations to her on her upcoming 20th anniversary :flowers:

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On its Facebook Page, PNB just published a photo of Maria Chapman (Kennedy) and her new daughter, Eleanor Cavendish Kennedy, born in July:


Congratulations to the Kennedy family flowers.gif

Edited to add: I've just been given a heads up that you have to be logged into Facebook to see the photo. You don't have to "Like" the PNB page to see it, though.

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On its Facebook page, PNB has posted a picture of Pointe Magazine's cover, featuring Leta Biasucci.


But the most exciting part may have been the caption: "Psst... you may want to be sure you're at opening night tomorrow, rumor has it Peter Boal is making an announcement." If that means what I think it means...

Edit: Just seeing the other thread now—apologies for the cross-post!

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Every time I see that video of "Imler’s epic fouettes" I get goose bumps. I couldn't agree more with Jonathan Porretta's accolades for Carrie. His word "fierce" is spot on.

Soon we will see her as the Rubies tall girl.....can't wait. I can't think of any female dancer who can dominate a stage full of men (dare I say it......as fiercely) as a solo woman better than Carrie. She is Myrtha personified

Later edit: I screwed up in this post a few days ago. Altho there is a brief period in Rubies when the tall girl is alone with the men, it is very brief indeed (like 3 seconds!). The scene I was thinking of when I wrote the above is from Kent Stowell's Carmina Burana where Carrie is so effective as a solo woman among a gaggle wink1.gif of men. Sorry about that......

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In the "Jewels" program there are photos of Maria Chapman with her and husband Brendan Kennedy and their daughter, Eleanor Cavendish Kennedy, who was born on 9 July, and Kylee Kitchens and husband Steven Ruane's son, Simon David Ruane, who was born on 28 August.

Congratulations to both families!

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This isn't really news, but I didn't want to start an entire thread.

I saw the "In the Woods" movie, and I was sure I was watching Elle Macy as Cinderella. imdb says that the actress's name is Anna Kendrick, but have they ever been seen in the same room?

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On Tuesday, June 16, works by Price Suddarth, who has created a piece for Jahna Frantziskonis, Leta Biasucci, and Elle Macy, and Ezra Thomson, who has created a piece for dancers from Spectrum Dance Company, will be presented at the Seattle International Dance Festival in the "Spotlight on Contemporary Ballet" program, along with works by Natascha Greenwalt and Kim Lusk.


On Sunday, June 21 (7:30pm), SIDF will present Ezra Thomson's and Jerome Aparis' ballet-hip hop work with music by William Lin-Yee in the Inter | National Series Weekend 2 Program B program.


Both are at Raisbeck Hall, 2015 Boren (between Denny and Virginia).

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PNB just posted a sweet photo of Maria Chapman, Rachel Foster, and Kylee Kitchens with their babies:


Maria Chapman's daughter is coming up to her first birthday, and she said in a Q&A that there was about seven weeks between her daughter and Kylee Kitchen's son, and between Kylee Kitchen's son and Rachel Foster's daughter.

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