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Wow! After reading all these comments, I no longer feel disappointed that I missed this film when it came to my area!

I wouldn't want to give you the impression that I regret watching this -- even with a compromised image it's still well worth seeing, if only to know what the company is presenting now. I've got a large and messy collection of video, much of it vastly worse than this film, and I value every inch, since it many cases it is a record (however imperfect) of performers I will never see live or dances no longer in the repertory.

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I saw it on Ovation TV yesterday evening. The roving cameras which cut off the dancers at their waists

was unforgivable. The corps remains the saving grace nonpareil of the Mariinsky. Volodya Shklyarov,

the young Masha, the Vaganova students in Scene 1 and the Act 3 pas de trois (The Mirlitons), were

outstanding. But, in total, it was a dead affair.

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I saw this on Ovation yesterday too. Yes some of the camera work was bad and there were other flaws. (I don't need to see that much of Valery Gergiev.) However, I thought overall it was enjoyable way to spend a Sunday evening at home. I enjoy these annual Nutcracker marathons on Ovation, and I'm happy that they showed something new.

(For anyone who missed it, Ovation will re broadcast this Mariinsky Nutcracker on Wed Dec 19 at 3:30 PM and Dec 25 at 6:30 PM.

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