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What Is ABT's Repertoire?

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On ABT's website there is an archive for their repertoire, is that it? Because if so, when they dance their "mixed bill "repertoire do they change it up every year or something (because that's a lot of ballet's), or are most of those in the archive they don't dance anymore? Im new to ballet so I don't know.

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ABT rotates the ballets that it presents in its mixed bills. You're right when you suggest that most of the ballets in the archive are not danced anymore. Many of the ballets go in and out of active rep with some regularity. Others that have been dormant for years may get new productions. And some are duds -- failures when they premiered, only to disappear quickly and permanently, leaving behind only a mention in the archive to let people ponder.

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You'll also hear many of us mourn over the ballets that they no longer dance, the core part of their heritage.

ABT is not like NYCB. NY City Ballet is a company that has a treasure chest of Balanchine and Robbins ballets that rotate in and out of the rep. ABT has a treasure chest of great ballets and failures but also a history of selling tickets by presenting full length "story ballets" with international stars. The rep programs are not the meat and potatoes of the company.

I'm with Helene in mourning the loss of some great ballets. The rep programs that ABT does often consists of lesser works while great works are not revived (perhaps because of costs).

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