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Holiday Greetings

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I've taken the liberty to scan for Ballet Alert! the color photo from this year's Christmas card sent out by longtime ABT press officer and photographer Myra Armstrong.

As her captioning notes, Armstrong's photo shows The Party Scene from act 1 of THE NUTCRACKER by Alexei Ratmansky. (The watermarked greeting is mine; it was not included on the photo pasted onto the card, which had its own message.)


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Thank you rg -- Merry Christmas to you and all BAers who celebrate!

From Pacific Northwest Ballet during rehearsals for "Don Quixote":

(Kyle Davis, Maria Chapman, Liora Reshef and Jerome Tisserand, Carla Korbes and Don Q's armor, Lindsi Dec and Lucien Postlewaite, Seth Orza, William Lin-Yee, ??*, Chapman,Postlewaite, and Emma Love (blur=Seth Orza), Kaori Nakamura and Postlewaite, Jessika Anspach, Dec and Postlewaite, Laura Gilbreath.

*She went by too fast in a blur)

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re: the number and size of gifts: a dance writer who who had been a youngster in the initial years of Balanchine's NUTCRACKER was chatting w/me about another production, maybe the Joffrey's?, and the large number of presents. i noted the glut of gifts to which she said: you can never have too many presents!

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