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Like Mashinka I really admired Mr. Russell's excursions into the world of music,

His TV film documenting the last years of the life of Frederick Delius Called "Song of Summer" remains my favourite film of Ken Russell.

The playing of Max Adrian as Delius, Maureen Pryor as his wife Jelka, Christopher Gable as Delius's amenuensis Eric Fenby (after Delius became blind), brought an extraordinary sensitivity to the film creating lasting images that I can see as I write, even though I saw it more than half a lifetime ago.

Mr. Russell adds a sensitive psychological edge to this film in the way that he chooses the music to reflect, the thoughts and feelings of the main protagonists and its countryside setting. The result is a touching biographical study that reaches places where other such films never reach.

Rest in peace and please Mr. Russell don't argue with God. Remember you did play a priest yourself in this Delius biography.



Mr. Russell was a Catholic convert.

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I didn't know he'd converted to Catholicism. Good choice. He had a lot to be forgiven for. smile.png

I haven't seen the BBC music films, Mashinka, but I understand they're as good as you and leonid say. Martin Scorsese praised them today, tactfully omitting the rest of Russell's oeuvre. I'm grateful to Russell for keeping Christopher Gable gainfully employed.

It's remarkable when you consider that Russell's work received major studio backing. Those were the days.

I agree, Barbara, I saw The Boy Friend recently and it was much better than I expected. I've never liked Women in Love, though. I remember Altered States as good fun and William Hurt was great in it. Gothic I particularly disliked - Russell took a promising idea and cast and screwed it all up.

A collection of clips from The Guardian.

An appreciation from BBC News.

Ken Russell was married three times and had eight children and had a spell living alone in a New Forest cottage.

He made the tabloid press when he advertised on the internet for the love of his life. American Elize Tribble, who claimed that Russell's films had changed her life, answered his plea and came to live with Russell, remaining with him to the end of this life


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