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Alicia Graf


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There is a very interesting interview by Gia Kourlas with Alicia Graf this week in Time Out New York.


I remember her stunning performances with Dance Theatre of Harlem in the late '90s. She was still a teenager, but had enormous presence (and flexibility smile.png ) I knew she'd had to stop dancing because of injuries and illness, and she came back for a few year with Alvin Ailey.

Does anyone else remember Alicia Graf?

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Yes, I loved watching Alicia Graf dance. I saw her many times with Dance Theater of Harlem, and later at Alvin Ailey. It's such a pity that her dance career at Ailey ended so soon.

But it hasn't! Since finding out that Jamar Roberts and Clifton Brown have retired from Ailey I was already to greet the "Robert Battle Era" by limiting myself to 1 Ailey performance this season. Then I heard that Brown would be appearing as a guest artist. And then yesterday I read this article which states that despite chronic illness Graf has started dancing again and will be appearing with Ailey this season in Revelations, Home, Memoria, Journey, Streams & Arden Court. I'm about to buy tickets to another 3 performances (at least).

I never saw Graf with DTH but the most frustrating about watchng her at Ailey was that it took her about a year to really find her way there, then she danced brilliantly for a season or two and then retired due to injury/illness.

I'm SO glad that she's back!

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I didn't know Graf was back with Ailey until i saw her name in my program - i had heard about her in the past but never saw her. What a lovely, lovely dancer, and she showed lots of versatility in the program i saw - including a big role in the hip-hop Home. Especially given her height and long limbs, she's got marvelous control and fluidity.

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I saw her in Home, and of course I always enjoy seeing her. However, her vast talents as a ballet dancer seem largely wasted in a lot of the Ailey rep. I remember seeing her in many Balanchine ballets during her tenure w. DTH, including Dark Angel in Serenade and Siren in Prodigal Son. To see her do hip hop dancing seems like a major step down.

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I did find myself casting her in Balanchine roles in my head, and dark angel and the siren were near the top of my list. I would love to see those. But I thought she looked strong and really really happy in Home. I have seen a lot of bad "concert" hip-hop and I liked that piece, although it could have been shorter.

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For all of you Alicia Graf fans, here is an article about her in today's NY Post. She is one of my favorite Ailey dancers, although I still wish she could revisist the days when she was performing Balanchine works. If you want to look at the photo that is referenced in the article, I've linked it below.


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I am a big fan of Ms.Graf-Mack and I'm thrilled that she has returned to dancing. I saw her in Home last year and while I enjoyed her performance, I agree with you abatt, and often feel she is wasting her ballet talents in the Ailey repertoire. That is not a dig on Ailey; I would love to see more of her dancing in classical ballets. I have seen an interview with her where she discusses her past injuries and health history, which don't allow her to do pointe shoes anymore. She is exquisite to watch.

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