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Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony @ the NWS, 09/24

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From the NWS website...

"Led by conductor Alasdair Neale, fresh faces converge with returning favorites to bring you the “new” New World Symphony. The 2011-12 Fellows will perform Tchaikovsky’s romantic Fifth Symphony in their first full-orchestra performance of the season. "

I don't have tickets, and the concert is sold out, but I'll be there after the beach...there's always a last minute hope! :thumbsup:


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The second half of last night's concert was exquisite. I got a little bored during the first half-(some modern work by some kid I can't even remember now...I even got a little sleepy, plus some orchestrations of three Debussy's pieces-[not my favorite of composers either, IMC]). But then, the miracle revealed itself...Aaah, the divine Fifth by Mr. T. That hunting Fate theme in the first movement and then repeated in the last one but in a major key...just sublime. I always think that His Majesty The Genius didn't have to go all the way to 104 symphonic works like Haydn. His are only six...and that's enough. I just ADORE his music...(I own Bernstein renditions, which also include his Francesca di Rimini, Hamlet, R&J Overture, The Tempest, Manfred and his 1812 Overture) . People were SCREAMING by the end of the concert! :clapping:

(who was that guy who didn't include Tchaikovsky in that infamous NYT "Ten Best Composers" useless list...?)

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Gergiev and the Mariinsky are performing Tchaikovsky symphonies here in the Bay Area soon and I'm planning to catch at least one of those performances.

Please DO, i've just finished attending my 4 concerts with them (all symphonies and the piano concerto 1) WHAT A BLISS! Thank you Piotr Ilytch Tchaikovsky, thank you Mariinsky Orchestra, thank you Gergiev (4 folded thanks). thank you Daniil Trifonov - piano) and thank you all the corporate sponsors and donors that made my attendance reasonably priced. The music is still in my head.

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Well, Churchill said it was the worst form of government except for all the others. :)

Makes me think of E.M. Forster's "Two Cheers for Democracy." :clapping::wallbash::clapping:

After reading NYC preview material of the concerts that YID attended, I am envious of your opportunity.

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The Carnegie Hall series was sublime. I was lucky to sit in

the 2nd tier side where I could see Gergiev's face and hands.

He used no podium nor baton.

As an encore to the 3rd and 4th Symphony he led the

Nutcracker's Russian dance at Balanchine (breakneck) tempo.

I have something in common with the Maestro besides a love

of Tchaikovsky. He goes to my dentist. :D

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