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Drug scandal at the RDB?

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This has quieted down in Copenhagen. There hasn't been anything in the press for several days. I think most people there want the Theater to deal with whatever problems there are, or were, or have been caused by all the questions, outside of the glare of speculation and rumor. I think that's a very good idea.

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I don't think anyone has called for sackings or the pressing of criminal charges. The goal of an investigation, I should think, would be to address any problems in the working life of the company, not necessarily to produce someone’s head on a platter. It's true that such things do happen, not always justly. But by the same token a thorough inquiry could resolve any questions in a positive way to the benefit of all, or most, concerned. The company above all.

I know. But if it is proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the Artistic Head of an arts organisation, a public servant of an organisation with strong links to the Danish Royal family and funded mainly by taxpayer's money has been sharing/forcing cocaine upon his employees, who in some cases may be teenagers, does anyone here think that he'll keep his job?

...The real problem is that there's a vast gulf between cocaine use and true addiction, by demonising and making something essentially in house so stigmatised, public and scandalous it will stop dancers who may have real problems coming forward to get the help they may desperately want and need.

In that case the AD in question probably would lose his job, and probably he would deserve to do so, in all honesty. There are certain things the boss just can't do. But like you I find it hard to believe. If there is an inquiry, which there likely should be at this point, I hope it's as discreet as possible, but the board may have squandered that option.

I also find the conflation of drug use and drug addiction (and the way people and press refer to "abuse" when often they just mean "use"), endlessly irritating, and counterproductive.

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I don't think there should be an investigation because I don't think that doing drugs is that big of a deal and I have absolutely no problem with dancers or anyone else doing drugs - unlike the cabal here who think a full lynch mob/roasting/witch hunt is in order. Especially not in dance companies where believe me it's rife. I actually object to the moral umbrage expressed here which equates coke with a Gelsey Kirkland style horror fest.

Respectfully, Simon, I know of no one here who is baying for anyones blood. Some people here take a poorer view of cocaine use/abuse than you seem to do, specifically in the workplace, and some also think that a more thorough investigation of the allegations in the report seems desirable, given what we currently know.

Regarding rules of evidence and "innocent until proven guilty" - leonid, this is a discussion board, not a court. We can express opinions and speculate within bounds. In any case, no one here has rushed to judgment against Hubbe.

Point taken.

I was merely trying to give a sense that "fair play" should rule.

ie "In ethics, the concept of fairness involves treating everyone equally and impartially."

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This is a discussion board. We have policies about not discussing the discussion, not posting unofficial news, no ad hominem attacks against members, double posting only in exceptional cases, and others that can be found in the "Rules and Policy" Statement.

There is no policy that dictates fair play by any definition or interpretation. It is up to posters to evaluate other posters' credibility by what they write.

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DO NOT DISCUSS THE DISCUSSION. Do not complain about the rules.

This thread has devolved into speculation. There has been no news in the Danish press for several days. There has been no news, that I know of, in the American press. If there is something else that happens IN NEWSPAPERS we can, of course, discuss it on another thread, but I am closing this one.

Note: This post was made in response to another post, which has since been deleted.

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