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scan of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo publicty photo of LABYRINTH, Massine's Dali-designed ballet based on the story of Theseus and Ariadne.

the oddly trimmed print came this way when i acquired it.

the photo's Dec. dating comes following the ballet's Oct. premiere at NYC's Metropolitan Opera House.

post-848-014091500 1309926863_thumb.jpg

post-848-038091400 1309926883_thumb.jpg

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Great pic...! :thanks:

I wish someone would have started working at some point to preserve Massine's ballets. The majority of them seem to be lost by now... :crying:

Perhaps another Ratmansky will come along and revive them. Le Beau Danube is one of my favorites, and with his interest in Shostakovich ballets, maybe the present day Mr. Ratmansky will do Rouge et Noir.

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The caption tells us all the things that Dali was in charge of (including those costumes, which certainly look to be dance-UNfriendly).

Dali also wrote the libretto. From the "paranoic imagination" expressed in the story line -- and from the strenuous posing of the dancers in the photo -- I would guess that this ballet is NOT in the same genre the only three Massine works I have seenl: Beau Danube, Capriccio Espagnol, and Parade.

Greek melodrama, a dash of paranoia, and complicated costuming: sounds a bit like Martha Graham. :wink:

Does anyone know who composed the music?

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