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Momoko Hirata

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Although she is still not shown on the website, Momoko Hirata has joined Angel Corella's company from Birmingham Royal Ballet. I have seen her mentioned in a review of the American tour.

Momoko is one of my favourite dancers. She is still my dream Princess Aurora. She'll be very much missed by her fans at BRB.

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Yes these have been very good news indeed for us in Spain!

Momoko joined the company as previously did another great dancer from the Birmingham, Aaron Robinson, which is a really outstanding dancer. He was incredible good as Rotbhard in Swan Lake and also in Wheeldon's For 4, among other ballets.

As for Momoko I had the chance to see her dancing the pink part of Bruch violin concerto in Peralada and I loved her! She has the technique, of course, but also, and most important, the soul.

I'm happy as CB will be performing soon and often in Barcelona and other small cities around here.

Don't miss the company during their next US tour!

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Thanks JMcN! I’m eager to see her as Aurora :) I hope SB will be on the program in BCN next November (even if it’s only Act III).

And yes, you are right 4mrdncr she was Aurora with Yevgen as Desiré on that beautiful shot :flowers:

I’ve also heard about Momoko and Aaron rehearsing the Grand Pas Clasique we saw in Peralada danced by Natalia Tapia and Dyron Vera.

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