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  1. 👏👏👏 waiting for you here soon!! Thank you! 💛
  2. Ohhh I'm happy to know you enjoyed!! But you are right Ballet is lacking there and it is not at all appreciated by the Government neither by the Liceu, this is a great lack in the city as far as culture is concerned. And it is really a pity as the Liceu had a very important ballet company in the past centuries (1847-1988). Now with the new board of Directors and the Ballet de Barcelona in place maybe some things could change, but for sure this would happen slowly.... if it happens.... And with all this COVID-19 situation, who knows what's going to happen? If you come back again,
  3. Thank you Cubanmiamiboy! Our Artistic Director, Chase Johnsey, admires and respects Iliana very much, she was his coach for many ballets at Trocadero. We truly hope this project can be a reality soon for our company and dancers and also for the audience here in Catalonia and all over the world!
  4. Oh, really?! So glad to know!! We were already working on it and Iliana and Franklin were scheduled to come to work with our dancers the week before the premiere but now... who knows what's going to be? It's really a pity as we all were really excited and had many theaters interested in this show. Thank you very much!! Stay safe and healthy!
  5. Please find an update about Ballet de Barcelona The company has performed around Catalonia with great success both from audience and critics. Chase has really succeed in leading a wonderful team that by now counts on 12 company members, 5 aprentices and 12 trainees (with many dancers interested to join for next season). The company has already 3 productions in the repertoire : Mixed Bill, Nutcracker and Peter and the Wolf, being now immersed in preparing Jimmy Gamonet's Carmen together with the second act of Swan Lake. Please find videos of the productions for you to see how it looks
  6. Thank you JMcN, we are really excited in Barcelona!!
  7. Thank you sandik! The premiere went really well. All the crew is very happy and they already have got contracts for other venues in Catalonia and France! For those interested you can read our article here: http://internationalversionballetymas.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-ballet-de-barcelona-is-born.html?m=1 Thank you!!
  8. Amazing news! Today a brand new company Ballet de Barcelona under Artistic Direction of Chase Johnsey will premiere at Teatre Condal in Barcelona. 14 dancers, 7 nationalities (USA, Japan EU countries) and 39 days of life. Program includes some Pdd of classical repertoire with Chase dancing the Dying Swan and a new piece created by Antonio Carmena with the help of Marcus Salazar. Antonio, a former soloist at NYCB, has made a wonderful work in a Balanchine style. If you want to watch a bit of class or rehearsal you can go to Dance Magazine FaceBook page and watch them work in a streaming fr
  9. Yes it is really political, they do not like classical ballet, they only look after contemporary dance, they do not understand art, they have no criteria, neither any sense of opportunity... I'm crossing fingers for you to win the lottery!!! Thank you!!!
  10. Thanks, Katerine and Janet!!! This is not an article in La Vanguardia, but a letter sent by a ballet lover... one of many that are being published these days on the news. You can also see the comments below. In all the letters there are also many comments. We are so many that loved this Company!! It is really incredible that the ones who manage Culture, no matter where but specially at the liceu, do not realize what they are loosing with Ángel Corella away, both economically and also artistically... A pity and a shame... What a country!!! :-( I hope I'm allowed to post a link in English for
  11. Thanks!!! Any pic, new, ... about Ángel Corella? Did he dance Giselle's second act pdd with Alina Cojocaru? Thank you!
  12. Yes, he truly is... he doesn't deserve to have to fight so hard for his dream... a dream that only would mean benefits for Barcelona under cultural and economical point of view. I can't understand why our authorities are so blind. As for lending the studios, as I reported, during ABT performances in Barcelona Angel was in Rome dancing The Dance of the Hours of La Gioconda with Letizia Giuliani but Carmen attended Saturday night so probably it was she who told ABT dancers to go to take classes at their premises.
  13. I would like to share with you a bit about ABT's DQ and the three performances I had the opportunity to attend at El Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. First of all I think it's really a pity that the Liceu brings ABT just when Angel Corella is not with the company anymore and now when the economy is so damaged. Ok, of course it has been a gift for us balletomanes to see ABT’s DQ but I hope they will program the Barcelona Ballet next season as this is the company we have been expecting for ages and it should be Liceu's company and even more taking into account that all tickets were sold out
  14. :-((( I'm going tomorrow (and Saturday and Sunday :-) ) and I wanted to see my belowed and much admired Herman... Is he injuried? I hope he is not! Anyway Cory/Xiomara will also be great, I'm sure :-) Many of us are going many days but I have a friend from Valladolid (center of Spain) who is already arriving tomorrow and will attend ALL performances I also noticed that Cory will be replacing Marcelo with Polina on Friday.
  15. What is Kickstart, Amy? I’m sorry I do not know what’s this… of course, any help or any idea would be very welcome. No, Natalia, I do not think that in Spain Corella’s troupe is seen this way “unofficial Disgruntled ex-ABT Dancers Stage”. In fact there is no other ABT or ex ABT dancer in the troupe. Well Herman Cornejo danced at the beginning but he is not anymore. There are many Spanish dancers but they come from the English National Ballet, Zurich Ballet, etc. or it’s their first company as professional dancers. Yes, Sarah Lane was given the chance to dance her first full SL thanks to Cor
  16. No, Spain has always had very good teachers and very good dancers, many of them are principals in the best companies and it has also had some companies, the most important one was the National Ballet that when Duato was appointed as artistic director turned to a contemporary one. Now they wanted it to be again a classical company and they hired José Carlos Martínez (former star at the Paris Opera Ballet) to do so, but for the time being no classics but Kyllian, Ek and other contemporary pieces. Teatro Real (Madrid) and el Gran Teatre del Liceu (Barcelona) are the most important opera theatres
  17. Sad news http://international...logspot.com.es/ It's a shame what happens. Hope politicians will ammend this situation but anyway we'll keep on fighting. Audience really want this company, nothing can compare... We never have had in Spain anything similar and can not permit they disapear.
  18. I love Carmen dancing Wheeldon, I think that she is outstanding dancing neoclassical ballets. But I haven’t had the opportunity to see her dancing Swan Lake. In Tippet’s blue my preferred one is Maria José Sales, she is so lyrical… the one I think better understands and transfers the essence of that pdd. About Swan Lake, I saw different casts at el Liceu and while I enjoyed very much Aaron Robison and Sarah Lane partnered by Momoko Hirata and Ángel Corella, the couple that did me feel without breath was Momoko Hirata with Ángel Corella, I can say they were the best I have ever seen…. And th
  19. Thanks a lot!! Taking into account how much Angel and all the troupe are fighting and investing to get this dream come true: Spain having a classical ballet company in such economic situation, they truly deserve worldwide ballet audience interest. I’m happy to know you came to see them and I’m more than happy to read your comments. Proud of Barcelona Ballet dancers and please, those of you who can, do not miss Swan Lake in Detroit.
  20. BARCELONA BALLET PRINCIPALS Carmen Corella | Momoko Hirata| Ángel Corella | Aaron Robison | Dayron Vera FIRST SOLOIST Kazuko Omori | Fernando Bufalá | Alejandro Virelles SOLOISTS Ana Calderón | Cristina Casa | Yuka Iseda | Mª José Sales |Kirill Radev Corps de Ballet Ana Maria Arias | Helena Balla | Laura Busquets | Leire Cabrera | Yoko Callegari | Annélise Caro | Alba Cazorla | Claudia Faubel | Rachel Gil | Gwénaëlle Poline | Madeline Hollander | Tracy Jones | Carla López |Marta Ludevid | Almudena Maldonado | Isabelle Ménard | Laura Pérez | Julia Roca | Raquel Santamarta | Ana Cabral |
  21. Well, Angel has always said that the company funds come from three principal pillars: sponsors, ticket sales and some public aid. In this times of crisis, cuts are for sure affecting culture but governors (Catalan ones in this case) have to carefully see where it is worth to invest and Barcelona Ballet (of Angel Corella) is worth as any other Catalan company is. I truly hope they are clever enough to realize it and that they will not take into account the pressure made by some locals that think they can see their subsidies decrease, which will not be the case. In its four years of existenc
  22. Thanks a lot bart! This is a company that I really love for a large amount of reasons. For Angel Corella himself being so brave and generous, for the nice and high quality company he has been able to create in such a difficult times, for those wonderful dancers that have not dared to risk to join the troupe and that are bringing their art and giving their best to the audience every time they are on stage, for the choreographies we, Spanish public have been able to know, for the amazing Swan Lake, their first big production, they have staged and that got the Liceu to be full every evening, no
  23. The Barcelona Ballet will be touring in the USA next month. Here it is an interview by Lola Ramírez published in English at Ballet y mas http://www.balletymas.com/balletymas/ballet/noticia.jsp?id=570&accion=noticia Enjoy!
  24. Yes, they are, and this is great news as they are both amazing!! They will be dancing the main roles in Swan Lake at El Liceu on Saturday eve. The première, Thursday, will be Ángel Corella with Sarah Lane. By the way, the Corella Ballet is now the "Ballet of Barcelona" they have moved from La Granja and they have settled here in Catalonia!
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