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Oksana Skorik Swan Lake rehearsal video

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Very promising! The distorted alignment (a la Somova) at 1:34 is disappointing though.

Just out of interest I took a second look at the frame @ 1:34 and thought it absolutely beautiful. Wing like working leg creates a metaphor for a bird ready to take to the skies. In this particular case square hips would render the pose less dynamic, even stale.

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Not at all impressed with Skorik, who massacred CHOPINIANA at the Kennedy Center last night, sorry to report. This is sad because I admired her in the documentary of her struggles at the Perm Academy of Ballet (ca-2006/07) and was hoping for much more. Not sure why she has become so brittle and lacking in poetic feeling or musicality (almost a face of anger throughout a Romantic poem of a ballet).

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