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Merry Christmas!!

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Thank you, Cristian, and to you to, dear fellow! But I NEED it, because I just got back from my Los Angeles annual trip last night, and had finally crossed the Rubicon I didn't really know was there: I infinitely prefer Los Angeles to New York, and want to move out there. I never thought this would happen, and I am so unhappy to be back I cannot even believe it. In any case, I'll be off to have Xmas dinner in a few minutes with some friends here, that ought to help. For me, New York is just not the creative artistic center for what I'm looking for, even thought the most powerful institutions are still here, and there's great work. It's not enough, seems petrified and stodgy by now.

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Oh, well...all I can tell is that I've been the witness of a whole new cultural life down here, a rich, vibrant one that despite the hard year, has been able to survive and grow to infinite possibilities. A few years ago my priority was to become an RN and move to NYC right away. Life circumstances has made me change my mind, and so I've been able to see, enjoy and appreciate what Miami has to offer...I only hope for the city to keep growing and maintain this pattern. New World Symphony, Florida Grand Opera, Miami City Ballet, Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami, Miami Symphony Orchestra, Art Basel Miami are some of the names that become the grounds of this development. To all of their contribuitors I wish a beautiful Christmas!

Pamela, Patrick and Quigginn...wish you guys all the best! :wink:

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to join in Ballet Talk's Christmas greetings:

a 'vintage' (undated) Russian postcard, which admittedly wouldn't have been sent in old Russia until January 7th; it's posted on our Christmas night and might be subtitled, Chekov-like, as THREE SISTERS, all dressed for the holiday and carrying mistletoe.


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I'm a little surprised to find some sentiments I can empathize with here -- I've long felt some alienation from my city of residence and long for another place, too. It's about that time of year when we look back and forward and think along these lines, isn't it? The stillness of a city neighborhood on the holiday is conducive to that. Meantime, parties and friends and lights and gifts help bolster spirits, don't they? Thanks, rg, for your seasonal post! I regard friendships with kindred spirits -- some of them here on BT I may never meet face to face, some others I have met because they're on here -- as the best gifts. As we're all different, we don't always agree, but that's fine -- I think we can only disagree with those who care about the same thing as we do. A Merry Christmas, or a happy holiday of your choice, to you all!

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