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Neumeier - Illusions Like Swan Lake

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I just found this new DVD release of Neumeier's "Illusions like swan lake" on UK amazon : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Illusions-Like-Swa...r/dp/B002DU7MEW

It was filmed in 2001 at Hamburger Staatsoper.

The cast includes Jiri Rubenicek, Elizabeth Loscavio, Anna Polikarpova, Carsten Jung, Alexandre Riabko, Silvia Azzoni, Anna Grabka.

It is listed on amazon as being PAL region 2 but this is not clear checking the Zyx label site.

If somebody tells me this ballet is worth watching I might buy the disc and tell you exactly...

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this video was released soon after it's '01 filming date.

there has been some discussion of the work here.

it has been pointed out that Odette's mime scene from the first lakeside scene is included as part of Neumeier's otherwise non-traditional staging. (if memory serves Neumeier might have had help with the 'text'of the pantomime from Alexandra Danilova.)

others will know how to direct you to previous posts discussing this work as recorded on this video.

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This is one Neumeier I'd like very much to see. if it's the same version I've read about, Siegfried is modeled on Ludwig, the Mad King of Bavaria, who had a thing for swans -- to the point of having a swan pond in his castle.

James (and good to read you again!) please tell us about it -- including what regions it will play in :)

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This Neumeier's work is a masterpiece, I think. I have the EMI German PAL disk and it is beautifully filmed. Siegfried by Jiri Bubenicek, his shadow Carsten Jung, and Odette by Anna Polikarpova, Princess Natalia by Elisabeth Loscavio

Siegfried (his model is indeed Ludwig the 2nd of Bavaria) is obsessed by swans and he has gone mad and is in custody in his castle. He holds a performance of Swan Lake in his castle and he is the only audience, and his obsession makes him take over the role of the prince. He shows no interest to his fiancee Princess Natalia.

Both the performance and the choreography are stunning, although quite different from the original Swan Lake.

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This Neumeier's work is a masterpiece (...) Both the performance and the choreography are stunning, although quite different from the original Swan Lake.

Ok Ok I surrender ! I'll add this lake to the five other versions I already have. This ballet has such an appeal no wonder every choreograper wants to add his own vision. With the upcoming ROH version due to release in September I'll reach a sum total of seven lakes in all.

Alexandra, neumeier's being out of stock right now I don't know when I get my copy but I'll try not ot forget to tell you about it although with most of you being somehow pros I sometimes feel a bit out of my depth in this forum.

"The Seven Lakes", that would do a nice title for a novel, the story of a lunatic who compulsively buys swan lakes videos to the point where he doesn't know whether he's Siegfried or... well... who am I by the way ?

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