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  1. The one I have is NTSC all regions. The newest I don't know, I find no indication on ICA website. I guess you would have to e-mail them to be sure --> info@icartists.co.uk
  2. By ICA Classics : http://www.icartists...-rudolf-nureyev Plus, this previous ICA release : http://www.amazon.co...C/dp/B004TWOWUE has become very affordable on UK amazon (I paid almost 3 times this price when I bought it a year ago). Until next time James
  3. Thanks everybody for your informed comments !!!
  4. I've stumbled on these two releases but have no idea what to think of them, I mean is it of interest to the classical or neo-classical ballet lover ? http://www.amazon.co...duct/B006CAXOAK http://www.amazon.co...y/dp/B006CAXQ4E
  5. I watched it last night and liked it very much although I thought it was rather difficult to get into it. The dancing is beautiful, very delicate and fully attuned to the music which is good contemporary learned music, not the repetitive garbled sounds that often try to pass as music. This is not a festival of jetés and fouettés, I guess you could call it subdued compared with the athletic feats that you can often see nowadays. Then the whole piece had an undertone of despair as the little dancer is constantly surrounded by the abonnés, her mother with dubious motives, even the étoile looking
  6. ICA label will release two studio performances from the BBC archives : http://www.icartists.co.uk/classics/catalog/dvds/les-sylphides-giselle It's available for pre-order at french amazon : http://www.amazon.fr/Dance-Double-Bill-Chopin-Sylphides/dp/B004TWOWUE/ Enjoy
  7. It was aired on french TV, I hope it's not the same film because with a black set poor lighting and darkly clad dancers I found it totally unwatchable. I couldn't even see what was going on on stage. Like this mostly :
  8. Looking at this trailer I realised what the big difference is between classical ballet and cutting-edge modern dance : in the latter dancers are not allowed to smile.
  9. I didn't seet it. I guess focusing solely on his energy and commitment would produce a propaganda show more than a documentary while showing a man with flaws sticks closer to reality. And maybe he's a big sports fan and this was the event of the year. After all he gets to see Uliana Lopatkina in his office all the time. If she came in mine THAT would be the event of the year for me.
  10. I was quite disapointed too. It's just made of bits and pieces of small talk plus some rehearsal scenes which, as interesting as they might be, bring nothing new on Aurélie. On the whole it lacks feeling and vision.
  11. Next Tuesday on France 3 10:40 pm "Aurélie Dupont danse" a Cédric Klapisch documentary
  12. Next Sunday on european channel Mezzo at 8:30 pm POB's Raymonda featuring the following : Marie-Agnès Gillot (Raymonda), José Martinez (Jean de Brienne), Nicolas Le Riche (Abderam), Dorothée Gilbert (Henriette), Emilie Cozette (Clémence), Josua Hoffalt (Béranger), Florian Magnenet (Bernard) It looks like the film that is due to release on dvd some time this year. Next Monday on germano-french channel Arte at 10:10 pm a 2009 documentary about Sylvie Guillem titled "Sylvie Guillem, sur le fil", which I would translate "Sylvie Guillem on the edge". So if you're living around get your recorders
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