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Decca will be releasing MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet, starring Tamara Rojo and Carlos Acosta, on DVD and Blu-ray on August 25. Amazon is taking pre-orders.

Juliet - Tamara Rojo

Romeo - Carlos Acosta

Mercutio - José Martín

Tybalt - Thiago Soares

Benvolio - Yohei Sasaki

Paris - David Pickering

Lord Capulet - Christopher Saunders

Lady Capulet - Elizabeth McGorian

Escalus - Gary Avis

Rosaline - Christina Arestis

Nurse - Sandra Conley

Friar Laurence - Alastair Marriott

Lord Montague - Alastair Marriott

Lady Montague - Francesca Filpi

Harlots - Laura Morera, Isabel McMeekan, Sian Murphy

Mandolin Dance - Steven McRae

Well, it's about time. Decca has been sitting on this for quite a while.


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That is peculiar. The title has also disappeared from British, French, German and Japanese Amazon. It's still listed for release on August 25 on Canadian Amazon, so hopefully that odd new release date is just a typo.

For what it's worth, the booklet to the Mariinsky's new 'Don Quixote' lists 'Romeo and Juliet' among other Decca ballet releases.

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