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An Interesting Photo

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I found this in an online chicago photo archive. they weren't identified, though since the archive covered the 1905-1933 period, suspect it is maybe oukrainsky teaching a pupil? if someone knows how to make it appear on the board other than through a link i wouldn't mind.


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i found this on youtube:

i noticed that there was writing on the side of the photo but that it was reversed, so i opened a program, flipped the photo and tried to enhance it. i thought it didn't look like pavley, but in both lines of the writing it is his name, with pavley-oukrain(sky) being on the second line, so i guess it's him.

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Pretty interesting! Thanks for posting. So much turn-out in the feet...

Her feet are flat out, but you notice we can't see her lower back or the front of her pelvis, so I'm not sure where the rotation is coming from. His feet are almost flat out as well, and though it's not clear if it's his pelvis or his leotard, it looks like he's tilted forward in the pelvis.

I think it's interesting that her right arm in 5th is so straight.

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