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Some wonderful photos here of the stars of the past; Robert Mitchum looks so elegant he should have been a dancer and scroll down to my favourite pic of Sophia Loren on the beach with the Carlton Hotel in the background.


It isn't just the stars that have changed as Cannes is now disfigured by ugly modern blocks of flats all along the Croisette and the Festival Theatre itself is so hideous the locals call it 'the bunker'. It's not all bad though as the marina is lovely as are the back streets, especially window shopping on the Rue d'Antibes, and there is always the sun of course.

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Isn't it lovely? So simple and classy, and no breastworks on display.

Thanks for the description of the landscape then and now, Mashinka.

They had stars in those days. (Although the case for a golden age of class is not aided by shots of Diana Dors and Bardot flashing her panties.)

Shrimpton and Stamp were really a striking couple.

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