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Mariinsky Ballet in Amsterdam

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The Mariinsky Ballet will perform in Amsterdam from the 22nd of July until August 1st, and then they will move on to London. The program consists of three performances of Romeo & Juliet, three of the Sleeping Beauty, two Don Quixotes and two Swan Lakes.

I suppose it is possible that Alina Somova will make her debut as Juliet in Amsterdam.. But, I just can't seem to find out the cast. If anyone could help; I would like to know before ordering any tickets. (I know the Mariinsky's castings have last-minute changes quite often, but still..)

Thank you :crying:

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The Mariinsky has one more R&J -- on June 6 -- before the sets leave St. Petersburg for the European tour. Cast is yet to be named. Perhaps that will be Ms XXX's "try-out" as Juliet, before she is elevated to opening the Royal Opera House run? They wouldn't dare wait until Amsterdam to try her out before unleashing her to the London public, would they?

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Perhaps that will be Ms XXX's "try-out" as Juliet.

. . . They wouldn't dare wait until Amsterdam to try her out before unleashing her to the London public, would they?


No, they wouldn't dare. They may believe that an Amsterdam debut isn't "big" enough for her. My bet is either June 6, or August 3 at Covent Garden - sight unseen, no test drive.

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. . . for now June 6th will be Viktoria Tereshkina (her debut?)

If it happens, yes. To date, she's only danced Juliet's Friend.

But you never know...

True. Since Novikova and Vishneva won't be coming, Vicky may be "Plan B" for August 3. My guess

is that Vicky is Novikova's sub for August 4, with Osmolkina as "Plan C" and Obratzova as "Plan D," as cast.

Fateev should seriously consider reversing order, from D - A, and pair V. Shklyarov with Obratzova.

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Thank you for this catch, Rosa! Oh my, fantastic news. Yes, this would be Terioshkina's debut as Juliet. What a delicious turn of events.

Other interesting casting news for June:

Maya Dumchenko's debut as Zarema -- yes, you read correctly; not as Maria -- in Fountains of Bakhshiserai:


Obraztsova in 1st mvt of In the Night (her 2nd perf in the role) & 'Big Red' in Symph in C-2nd mvt:


Daria Pavlenko returns to Emeralds; Denis Matvienko debuts in Rubies:


Oksana Skorik debuts as Queen of Dryads in Don Q!


***EXTRA! EXTRA! The return of Sleeping Beauty 1890 production, with a bunch of debuts, incl the Matvienkos as Aurora/Desire and young, tall beauty Lilia Lischuk as Lilac Fairy:


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I'm very excited! Will Ulyana Lopatkina be dancing as well? It's really bad, the website of the venue (Carré Amsterdam) won't show any more information like the casting list.

Hi 'hydraulix' :clapping:! Lopatkina isn't in Amsterdam; she's scheduled to dance Giselle July 27 in Petersburg. She'll join the company at Covent Garden starting August 3. The Carré site is wonderful - except for cast omissions. According to my source, the (most current) Amsterdam lineup is as follows. *(Siegfrieds "TBA")

July 22, Romeo & Juliet - Obratzova/Shklyarov

July 23, Romeo & Juliet - Tereshkina/Matvienko

July 24, Romeo & Juliet - Vishneva/Kolb

July 25, Swan Lake - Somova/*

July 26, Swan Lake - Kondaurova/*

July 28, Sleeping Beauty - Tereshkina/Sarafanov

July 29, Sleeping Beauty - Kolegova/Ivanchenko

July 30, Sleeping Beauty - Matvienko/Shklyarov

July 31, Don Quixote - Somova/Ivanchenko

August 1m, Don Quixote - Kolegova/Lobhukin

August 1e Don Quixote - Matvienko/Matvienko

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Ahh, I hope the casting will remain like this. :) I have my ticket for the Sunday matinee of Swan Lake, according to this list with Ekaterina Kondaurova as Odette/Odile (I am secretly fearing having paid such a lot of money to see Somova in the lead role. Though I have to admit I have never seen her live and am quite curious to see her dance, but I would prefer a soloist role for such an experiment). I might also go to the Don Q matinee.

Too bad Obraztsova won't dance Aurora in Amsterdam, but then I don't have to be dissappointed to miss her, since I know I can't go to any evening performances.. :P

Well, I'll tell you guys all about it on Monday. :clapping:

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I got to see the O/O I had hoped for! (Even when I hadn't the slightest idea about casting it was her I wanted to see - or maybe Osmolkina).

I'll just tell you in short what I thought about the performance.

Ekaterina Kondaurova and Igor Kolb brought a Swan Lake as it should be, in my opinion. Odette was gorgeous and still had some personality (unlike Lopatkina's, imo), and her Odile was fierce! Her only flaw was that her fouettés were a bit wobbly, but that is easily forgiven seeing what a great overall performance she gave. The soloists were very fine as well, especially Tatiana Tkachenko as pas de trois girl and one of the big swans.

One dancer also caught my eye: a tiny, thin blonde girl I saw many times in the corps de ballet, and as one of the little swans; could this perhaps be Valeria Martynyuk? (the other little swans on the cast list were Elena Chmil, Elizaveta Cheprasova and Elena Vasyukovich..)

Forgive me my (perhaps a bit overdone) enthousiasm, but it was my first time to see the Mariinsky. :P

edited to add: And her gorgeous red hair!! :jawdrop:

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Thank you for your reply, Natalia :jawdrop:

I forgot to mention that I crossed Viktoria Terioshkina on the street when I was walking to the theatre. I wouldn't dare to bother her, though. And I was almost late for the performance already.. :P

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I thank you also Lidewij for your report! It sounds like it was a wonderful performance. Congratulations to

Kondaurova and Kolb as the leads :P:jawdrop: I'm especially glad to hear that Tatiana Tkachenko

was showcased in the pdt and big swans, and that Elena Chmil was brought forward in the little swans dance.

Chmil was an outstanding young pupil. She was filmed while she was a 3rd year student in the "Nutcracker" pdt

in both the 1994 Vainonen dvd with Lezhnina as Masha, and the 1992 "Welcome Back St. Petersburg" dvd filmed

at Covent Garden.

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