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Osipova to join ABT as guest artist

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While this is very exciting, hopefully Osipova's guesting won't overshadow the other fine dancers. I really don't think she and Simkin should be paired together, since that's basically excluding them from the rest of the company. Osipova and Corenjo? How does that sound?
If she's 5'5", she would be too tall for Cornejo in most roles. However, if (as Waelsung notes) she's to dance the Sylph, the pairing could work. In fact, it sounds like an irresistible cast to me!
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5'5"? A bit shorter I think. I remember reading somewhere (perhaps on Ballet Talk) that Volochkova was 5'6". Stand the two ladies together and there would be a huge gap. The Russians don't deal in feet and inches, so probably make some sort of guess about their height instead of calculating it. More realistically Osipova is 5'2" or 5'3".

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one role said to be suggested to N.O. by abt was Gamzatti, but i don't know how accurate this is.

and maybe Giselle?

(these were noted in conversations over the past year or so when N.O. was being considered as a guest artist; they were not part of any official announcement.)

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Actually, i dont see Osipova and Simkin at all, just hoping that two of my favorits might share the stage, regardless of suitability. Actually, I would also like to see her paried with Correno, or even in a strange way with Maxim (he and Irina are good friend's of my husband's and i have always seen them together. I have not been fortunate to see either one without the other, for when we go see them, its them together.) And i had already hoped to see Simkin with Ms. Lane, even before casting went up. They seem unusually fit for eachother, in a very odd sort of way. At least in my mind. :)

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ABT posted a calendar with partial cast listing for NYC engagement.


Performing in:

Giselle 6/13/2009

La Sylphide 6/17/2009, 6/20/2009....

not relevant to this thread but Simkin is promised in two ballets so far ;_))

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