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Early 40's (?) Alicia Alonso picture.

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is that one of the costumes from Eugene Berman for Giselle?

no..... it is safe to s ay it is not Berman. I don't recall ever seeing her in that costume with BT---I would guess it's from her early Havana days---she did a couple of ballets with them---"The General's Daughter" and something called "Concerto".

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The costume is this picture is from "Schumann Concerto",a ballet coreographed by Bronislava Nijinska for Ballet Theatre.

The world premiere was at the Metropolitan Opera House NYC on September 27th,1951.

The original cast was as follows:Alicia Alonso,Igor Youskevitch,Ruth Ann Koesun,Barbara Lloyd,Eric Braun,Erik Bruhn and Royes Fernández.

The photographer is Walter Owen.

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