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Dancers photographies with autograph


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Have you tried mailing photos to the dancers c/o their company? You should include stiff cardboard to protect the picture and a pre-paid envelope addressed to yourself to make it as simple as possible for the dancer/s.

If you're able to wait at the stage door after a performance, most dancers (but not all) are happy to sign pictures then.

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I felt bad but not TOO today bad for simply approaching Irina Kolpakova in the lobby. Of course when I saw her I started stuttering and fumbling for a pen, and she was in a hurry. "Sorry -- next time," she said, but just at that moment I found my pen and ran after her. For some reason the second time she was much friendlier, and even flipped through the pages of a program book for a good place to sign. I thanked her and she smiled, and then ran off. But I got to speak to my idol and I was overjoyed. :unsure:

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