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  1. Thank you so much, dirac, I will follow your advice.
  2. For those who have read the three bios, advise me, please, which is the best reading for one approaching for the first time Robbins' life?
  3. And what happened finally with it? I cannot find it...
  4. Male: Lacotte's variation for James in La Sylphide, 2nd act and Bounonville's variation for James also in the second act (Nureyev danced it superbly). Well, being a woman I also liked to dance these two because of the battery. Female: 1st, 2nd and 4th variations from Le Grand Pas de Quatre.
  5. My favourite Giselle is 1979 Corps de Ballet of the Bavarian State Opera House's with Nureyev and Lynn Seymour in the principal roles. It has been released in DVD (amazon.co.uk).
  6. Good idea, thank you carbro. I had a romantic and wrong vision of this, obviously.
  7. Days ago, dancers sent photographies dedicated to everyone who asked for them. Is that so nowadays? Someone knows what to do?
  8. Thank you for the link, cygneblanc. Yes, it seems that she is going to work with the new director mainly on contemporary choreographies...
  9. They haven't say a word about that but I assume that it will be classical repertoire, as that is precisely what Spain lacks. For 2008-2009 Teatro Real's season 'La Bayadère' is scheduled. It will be the first time, that I recall, this ballet is going to be performed in Madrid in thirty years.
  10. I want to join these congratulations. Maternity is incredible (I have a seven months baby). Enjoy it!!!
  11. I copy below what I posted last May 16 on the other thread on Compañía de Ballet de España: "When we started this thread we discussed about two new projects: Corella's, now a reality, and Tamara Rojo's. The future of the latter is uncertain. In an interview last week Tamara said that she does not know anything about the proposal, that all the good words she got at the first moment have become silence... It will be a good thing to have two professional ballet companies to compete in Spain. Please, politicians, wake up!"
  12. Thank you, Carolina. May be they publish auditions at conservatories (I hope).
  13. Congratulations!!! In Spain we don't have it (a ballet company of this importance) and need it (royal support)...
  14. Yes, of course, one in Barcelona. Carolina, that is a good question: where do they get those dancers that take part in operas? At the conservatories? Very good question, indeed.
  15. Then I would rely in your opinion, dirac.
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