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  1. It's awesome. I've recommended it to photographic buffs as well as my dance friends. It's unique, creative, and just so interesting!
  2. You can also try writing a letter to the dancer c/o the company, requesting a photo. Most of us don't have a photo to send for an autograph, but dancers do have access to them.
  3. You might enjoy the book "Twins on Toes" by Joan Anderson. It's about Amy and Laurel Foster and their time at SAB through the Workshop and getting into Miami City Ballet. There are great pictures. The book may be out of print now but you can probably find it at Amazon.com.
  4. Is there a translation to English?
  5. I stayed at the Empire several times on visits to NYC, loved the location but not the room size. I always checked out the Ballet Shop while in town as well. I'll miss them both, but I've missed O'Neal's even more!
  6. I have read it as well and highly recommend it. It's a fairly quick read. The point of view is fascinating and I felt it a privilege to be "inside" of the narrator's mind.
  7. I keep programs in pattern boxes that I have purchased at a fabric store. They are just the right size for Playbills. However, I do like the binder idea if I ever get that organized. Sounds like IKEA would be a good place to go for my magazine collection as well. Dance Mag. used to sell binders for each year but I think they discontinued them.
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