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Tiler Peck


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Tiler Peck, the youngest dancer at NYCB, yet already a Soloist, is about to make her debut as Juliet. A spectacular technician for whom the sky's the limit (well, maybe she has the power to overcome gravity), she's already become a fan favorite. Many may not know that her professional Broadway career began in 2000 and that she's appeared in two motion pictures. A recent profile in Movmnt magazine:


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We just returned from the performance. Tiler was amazing.. she owned the stage when she was on it. She does amazing work with her arms and hands.

She seemed short and prefect for a young Juliet. The last act when she has taken the potion and appears dead... she really is completely lifeless. This may not be balletic movement but what an actress she is.

I'm now a Tiler Peck fan.

Go see Tiler as Juliet... you will be glad you did...

The overall performance needs a but more polish. I think they'll get there very soon.

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Wow I remember seeing her at "Starpower" dance competitions as 10 years old doing very sophisticated Jazz movement with lots of rheinstones and glitter! ha ha. The room used to fill when she went onstage she was such a phenom for her age. It is amazing that she made the transition (while in NY doing broadway) to classical ballet and ended up where she is now. Amazing and exciting. :yucky:

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