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NYCB subscription tickets mailing

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Am I alone in thinking that NYCB subscription department mails out the tickets later each season? Today is a mere week before the box office opens & 8 days before season opening & I have received (today) only one of three sets of tickets.

They don't close the subscriptions until the end of October which probably causes this late mailing even though the renewal mailings go out in August. One would think they could close subscriptions at the end of September or beginning of October & get us our tickets a month before the season opens.

Gripe gripe ....

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I have three subscriptions too, and yesterday I received two out of the three. Judging from past experence, the third might not come for a few days. I used to get a little nervous about this, too, but since the tickets have never failed to arrive in plenty of time, I'm more relaxed about things now. After all, the subscription season doesn't start till January 3. That vestigial "Opening Night" coming up soon has no connection to the rest of the season. After many years of keeping up the Opening Night tradition, with ever-diminshing returns, I have finally realized that and decided to skip it this year. I look forward to reading about it on Ballet Talk.

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The second of my three subscriptions arrived yesterday. Since the box office opens Monday & subscription exchanges can be made then, it is important to have one's tickets in hand. This is especially true this season with multiple subscriptions as there are many repeat programs due to the revamped "theme" programming.

It seems so inefficient to me. All my other subscriptions, which include ABT, Met Opera, NYPhilharmonic, Carnegie Hall, arrive about two months before the season begins. Even NYCOpera (one assumes they share subscription personnel) gets tickets out in a more timely fashion.

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Well they do share the State Theatre staff - House managers, ticket takers, ushers, security staff, etd. but I think you mean internal staff. I get the same subscription people time after time so they must be regular staff as opposed to temps. What do they do when they aren't working on subscriptions, do you suppose? That can't be a full time job, can it?

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