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Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance

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Perhaps this belongs in the modern dance forum but it's so strongly dance history oriented that I felt it belonged here rather than there.

Has anyone seen Jody Sperling's Time Lapse Dance production of what look to be Louie Fuller reconstructions? Someone sent me a photo from a Symphony Space "Dance Sampler" brochure. Is it worth hunting down a performance?

Here's the company website for the curious:

Jody Sperling Time Lapse Dance

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(full disclosure -- I know Jody through my dance history life)

Her work is certainly worth the effort -- she has done significant work as a reconstructor and restager of older dances, but she's also done some very interesting work "in the style of," which is a fascinating and delicate place.

She's a lovely performer and a very smart woman. I'd recommend her both as a dancer/stager and as a lecturer/teacher.

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