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Larissa Lezhnina (Shaking left hand)


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I have many films with Lezhnina dancing. I have never seen her live. She is one of my favorite dancers of all time - she has the most "tidy" technique, and she is so "opulent" when she dances! I have noticed in the performances I have of her on film that her left hand shakes when she is dancing - seriously in EVERY film I have of her her left hand shakes. It doesnt appear that shes nervous or shaking her hand on perpous. I was thinking if perhaps she has a medical condition or something....I dont know. Has anyone noticed this to? Does anyone know if she has a medical problem?

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oh no.....this is a shaking....like a parkenses (is that how you spell it?) shaking. Im not trying to suggest that our dear ballerina has that unfortunate ailment. For example, in "paquita" : the kirov ballet, on a video called "the maryinsky ballet" also released as "ballet classics" (it has Makhalina and Zelensky in the leads) Lezhnina dances the 3rd solo - the one where the xylophone is used for the meoldy, and u can see her left hand shaking, when the camera closes in before her last combination and she makes a pose before the final combination. Also, and VERY beautifully i might add, she dances the pas de trois from Fairy Doll on the same video, and again, same thing. There is a part in the coda where she shakes her hands on purpous, which is part of the choreography, but I am not mistaken about the other times.

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With all respect to Solor, who I'm sure has nothing but the best at heart, but this is rather the classic way to start a rumor on the internet.

"Larissa Lezhnina? Didn't I read somewhere she's a case of Parkinson's?"

I know it isn't intended this way, but people on the internet often don't read very closely, and I think one cannot be too careful in these matters, especially where it concerns people who are so dedicated to their work and make such huge sacrifices to stay in the best shape, as I know Lezhnina does.

I think it's a great idea to discuss LL's technique and what she does with her arms and hands.

I think it's a very bad idea to start speculating about her health, which - I'll repeat - is really to die for. I wish I was in as good shape as she is.

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Questions like these are difficult, because our rules state that if it isn't in print or announced publically -- for example, an injury replacement at curtain time or a post-performance Q&A) -- it's gossip and prohibited. Speculation without backup citation is also considered gossip, and, as Herman Stevens pointed out, could spread like wildfire across the Internet.

The only way that a fellow poster can answer a question like this and comply with Board rules is if there has been a public statement to cite. As a result, nearly all posts asking about the health or status of a dancer are left unanswered, much to the frustration of the person who asked.


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