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  1. Tamara Karsavina. Sometimes I have a hard time stopping looking at those pictures. She looks so beautiful.
  2. Clearly you haven't looked at a picture of Carlotta Brianza lately. Your "Kirov Classic style" is, of course, a constantly evolving thing. Lezhnina, for instance, would probably look strange if she returned to Petersburg right now. (At least that's what she told me.) There's every reason to believe this process has been going on as long as the company exists. A 125 years ago the Mariinsky people thought the company would go to the dogs if Virginia Zucchi were to set foot on stage. You are right Sylve's Aurora has a little less porcelain and a little more girl power than you're used to. Woul
  3. Please tell us more when you've seen the whole show. I'm curious.
  4. And it's double cd, too. Apparently they were unable to squeeze the special features on a single disc, too. So you get two segments of Peter Wright talking about supervising the rehearsals, with some studio footage, and about mime (I seem to recall there's a bit of mime translation, too) and there's a lengthy segment of Sofiane Sylve both in her Amsterdam home and in Manhattan talking about her life as a dancer. So the only thing I could think of yet is a five-minute exposee of the musical intricacies of the Beauty score.
  5. I have been watching this Sleeping Beauty dvd for about a week now, and I have to say it's one of the best shot big ballet videos I have - right up there with the Royal Ballet Coppélia in the way the action is presented. Sleeping Beauty is obviously a monster to capture with those typical Petipa changes from big ensemble work to solo variations, but generally speaking I can say they have done a marvellous job. The entire Rose Adagio with its two ensemble intermezzos and the powerful solos is captured brilliantly. You will never get to watch Sofiane Sylve as closely and extensively as this,
  6. The dancing and the music will be just as pretty a year later when you don't even remember what the amount paid turned out to be. I would much rather have everything for free, too, but my guess is some 250 persons directly worked at this dvd, either dancing, playing the music, doing technical things in the theatre and the film studio, so maybe it's not all that expensive.
  7. Hi Mussel, I don't have a copy of the dvd yet. However, the dvd is part of a deal with Dutch public TV (and possibly French and Swiss TV, too), and I saw part of the December 25, 2004 broadcast, before our Xmas social activities got started. This is why I think I know about some of the extra features - and I checked with the company today, and yes, it's Peter Wright himself who's talking about mime on the dvd. Same as on TV, only a little more extensive, probably. How I know about the character of the performance is because Sofiane danced Beauty three times in the December 2004 run, and I
  8. I recommend you get it. Sofiane danced in Amsterdam for ten years, and though she increasingly was a star principal, it was not like the rest of the company stood / danced in her shadow. In other words, there is lots of great dancing to be seen on this dvd. Gael Lambiotte is a wonderful prince, and I often think back on his Act II. (Lambiotte danced briefly in Boston, but came back to Amsterdam.) This was Sofiane's last set of performances with the Dutch company (though she might do some guesting in the future), and her Aurora was simply amazing. I suspect Marc would say it's not completely
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