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That Ray Schorr photo...

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That Ray Schorr photo on page 146...

Okay, I've had to return the book to the library, but I can't get that photo out of my mind. Anyone have a copy handy who could list the people?

From memory: Tanaquil Le Clercq, Balanchine, Maria Tallchief, Diana Adams, Frederick Ashton, Melissa Hayden?, Jerome Robbins, Nora Kaye, Antony Tudor.

It has so much the look of a fashion shot, was it for the Vanity Fair piece? (and if so, why is Le Clercq the focus?).

Am I off on this? It seems to me very unusual to have all these people in the same photo... perhaps not so much Robbins, Balanchine & Tudor as they were all part of NYCB, but Ashton as well? Are there many photos of Balanchine & Tudor together even?

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I don't have the book, but Ashton did make two ballets for NYCB ("Illuminations" and "Picnic at Tintagel") and was a very hot choreographer in New York in the 1950s, so it's not that odd that he would be included. What a stable of choreographers! (not meaning to slight the dancers)

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You've got almost all of them. Here they are, clockwise:

Tanaquil LeClercq

George Balanchine

Maria Tallchief

Melissa Hayden

Frederick Ashton

Diana Adams

Janet Reed

Jerome Robbins

Antony Tudor

Nora Kaye

It's a fascinating photo -- they're all around the piano, but LeClercq, Balanchine and Tallchief are sitting on the bench. Balanchine is looking at LeClercq, Tallchief is looking at Balanchine, and eveyone else is looking at the three of them. Yikes.

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my guess is that this done in the mode of irving penn pic.

he worked for VOGUE then.

memorable penns i can think of from the era include one that shows balanchine beside his trenchcoat, crumpled in a corner, w/ rieti, leclercq, (& the designer maybe) around the premiere of THE TRIUMPH OF BACCHUS AND ARIADNE.

the other has balanchine seated and posed in his suit and bowtie, offering some rather matter-of-fact support to tallchief in her 'baiser de la fee' tutu for a 1948 ballet russe de monte carlo photo. (it's reproduced in PORTRAIT OF MR. B on p. 77)

the earlier mentioned one is reproduced in various editions of taper's balanchine biography.

there might be others as well, tho' not necessarily any w/ as many luminaries as the one mentioned at the start of this thread and now in gottlieb's book.

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