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Which One Ashton Ballet Would You Pick to Survive?


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There is another ballet by Ashton which is about a couple being married the housekeeper tries to stop it somehow.

Does anyone know what it's called.

This is an intriguing puzzle. Does anyone have a suggestion?

It sounds early to me -- maybe The Lord of Burleigh?

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This is hard -- it's between the white Monotones and Fille for me. Opposite ends of hte spectrum -- Monotones almost completely moonlit, and Fille almost completely sunny.

But Fille wins -- since it also has a sense of the uncanny, brought in mostly by Alain, the holy fool, and also by the incredible inventiveness that lurks around every corner. One amazing idea after another -- and NOTHING ever goes on too long. And such an incredible wicked but still gentle sense of the thingsthat happen behind your back, the things other people can see about you that you can't see yourself, but (in htis ballet) they don't use it against you. And the tiny roles that can be made wonderful: I once saw Eric Hoisington make the notary into an dazzling piece of stagecraft. And David Bintley was the greatest Widow Simone I ever saw, better than Holden -- ridng in the cart on the way to the picnic, he looked back and forth from Lise to Alain, Lise, Alalin, pointing that huge nose of his at the one and then at the other, and you knew already that that mother was not going to let her daughter marry an idiot, no matter how rich he was.

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Scenes de Ballet.

You have so much experience watching English ballet, Rebeccadb, that I'd love to hear your reasons for selecting this particular ballet. Also: are there any performances and/or interpreters that you particularly love?

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